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Bringing movements together

As of June 22, is expanding to be a hub for not only creators—but organizations and movements to share their work. We want to centralize this website as a space for people to find causes they want to be involved in, and succeed in making the best impact possible.
If you're an organization leader, our signups are now open at the button above.

Using to find creators

We curated students who are offering their skills in art, design, writing, music, and more in exchange of donations to BLM and local movements against injustices and state repression. We created this because countless students who don't have financial means expressed eagerness in doing more. This is the least we can do. The directory has their contact information, a preview of their work, and who they are supporting. Please spread the word.

Are you a student creator who wants to fundraise?

Are you a student creative, designer, writer, artist, developer, or anything else who has/can open up commissions and services in exchange for donations to organizations that work towards justice? This directory is here to amplify your work and the causes that you're standing up for.

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